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  • Small ring ForgingsHere are some small rolled ring forgings.If you need any ring forgings, please contact us [email protected]2020-09-09 13:37:06
  • 5083 aluminum pulley ringThis ring is produced for GE body scan machine.  The most difficulty of this pa...2020-09-08 11:30:51
  • 5083 Aluminum raw ringWe can offer max 3500mm outer diameter rings. 2020-09-10 13:40:24
  • SS410 Stainless Steel ringIt`s SS410 stainless steel ring.Heat treatment: solution treatment.2020-09-09 14:17:43
  • small abnormity rolled ringThese abnormity rolled rings, we made a set mould for rolling machine then to rolled. Compare wit...2020-09-08 17:44:43
  • Small ringis is small forged stainless steel ring.The size is very small, it`s not s...2020-09-08 17:33:52
  • 5083 Aluminum ringWe can offer max 3500mm outer diameter rings.Mateial: 50832020-09-08 12:53:21
  • 3000mm ring RollsMax Outside diameter: 3000mm  Max Height :750mm2017-06-11 09:56:25
  • About Usory. We can supply custom forging, ring forging and closed die forging by ...2021-09-22 14:14:37
  • Capacityanical part, need several manufacturing techniques to work together. Durin...2021-09-22 14:14:37
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